After decades as a serial entrepreneur and automotive technology inventor (with 23 patents in the US and Europe), Pat Kennedy created Crown Light to commemorate his family, friends, and longtime business partners. 

Through combining natural materials and precision engineering, the hope of each Crown Light is to inspire those basking in its glow to take an extra moment while with loved ones and friends to enjoy life a step away from today’s frenetic pace.

Pat first discovered the conviviality a CrownLight can create while visiting a friend in Europe. He was enthralled at a dinner where “bottle lights” were placed in empty bottles around the gathering to set the mood. At 66, Pat is still the curious inventor. Being so, Pat collaborated with his longtime German friend, Dr. Peter Kitzenmaier, to create a customizable, brandable version of the bottle light, The Crown Light.

Peter and Pat in northern Italy

Peggy Delaney was the Executive Director of Budget and Finance at the University of Colorado School of Law until 2017. Over her 17 years at the School of Law, she partnered with Dean Phil Weiser to increase scholarships, keep tuition rates flat, and helped the University of Colorado Law School maintain its position as a 1st tier law School. At the end of her tenure, she managed over $30mm for the school. In addition to Crown Light, she invests her time with the Botanical Illustration Program at the Denver Botanical Gardens and she enjoys mountain biking, downhill skiing, Pilates, and travel. A few of the latter activities are especially fun when she beats her husband, Stan. 

Peggy and Pat met when their now adult sons played on the same soccer team at age six. They raised two boys who are still close to this day, likely helped by the fact their sons’ soccer team was undefeated for five years.

The Crown Light is headquartered in Colorado where the Crowns are made. Bottlelights are made with German craftsmanship in Europe.

The Crown Light Team

Pat Kennedy
Pat Kennedy
Peggy Dalaney
Peggy Dalaney